Nokē Smart Entry

Making self storage simple with advanced technology

Worry-free Storage with Nokē Smart Locks

You can enjoy a more convenient and worry-free self storage experience with the Nokē smart entry lock

You can now use your mobile phone to access the facility and your self storage unit without worrying about remembering any codes or keys. 

You can also view access activity, share a digital key with family members, employees, or movers, and move into a unit whenever you’d like. 

You can rent a self-storage unit online, use the app to access the facility and your unit, and move in, all without having to come into the office!

Smart Entry Steps to your Storage Unit

Accessing your storage unit is easy and fast with the smart entry system.

Download App

After renting your unit, you'll receive an automated text.

Access Your Unit

Open the app to see the icon light and tap the icon to unlock your unit.

Unlock Your Unit

Use the app to unlock your unit up to 3 feet away.

Simple, Fast, Convenient

Setting up your Nokē access is easy!

We will send you a link to download the app and a passcode. 

Once you download the app, use your phone number and the temporary passcode to create your account and sign in. 

Experience premium convenience when accessing our storage facility!

  • Tap on the relevant icon to access the facility gate.
  • The gate will open automatically.
  • If accessing an individual unit, tap the unit’s smart lock to wake it.
  • A red light means locked; A green light means unlocked.
  • Tap the highlighted icon on your Nokē app to unlock the unit.